Sunday, February 05, 2006

An Interesting SOA Platfom Reference Model

I came accross a white paper from IDC that presented an interesting SOA platform reference model. According to IDC, any SOA platform should be made of:
Core Services
  • Deployment services. To host and manage the operational, runtime functions
  • Integration services. Data and process-style integration across operating environments and platforms with support for demand-driven (request/reply) or event-driven interoperation
  • Process orchestration. Organizes and aggregates services into flows to automate system and business processes
  • Policy. A business policy or systems rule or condition that governs an action (Business rules are the foundation of business processes.)
  • State management. The ability to recognize, support, and manage entity state, thereby providing support for processing governed by state transitions
Supporting Services
  • Access services. Reliable and secure system and people-based access to services and necessary system artifacts within the SOA
  • Development facilities. Full life-cycle support and versioning of services and messages, including modeling, coding, debugging, testing, deployment, and change control
  • Security and management services. Service and process monitoring, management, security, and ID management
  • Application and data services. Services built around the supporting data persistence and data semantics
SOA Reference Model It shows the level of completness that application frameworks must provide in order to address the various requirements of SOA.

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