Monday, March 26, 2012

Take the Journey to No Coding through Configuration and Composition

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Since its early days, Documentum has recognized the need to track and manage intellectual property and information. In the mid-1990s, Documentum focused on solving these customer problems targeting one industry at a time. It targeted manufacturing for managing training publications and life sciences for automating the process of assembling new drug applications.  The result of this approach was a variety of custom applications that provided significant value to a specific business area but were not easily re-purposed in other areas.

Today, EMC Information Intelligence Group (IIG) customers have more complex information management needs and the end users of these applications have become much more demanding. The new user, as we like to call her, is impatient. She has work to get done. She needs simplicity, ease of use and anywhere access to information. The business on the other hand requires more sophistication and control. And they want their investment to matter.  They want people to use that application they just built…

So, what we see is our customers seeking the powerful benefits of highly tailored clients and applications with custom functionality, and automated, integrated business processes. As if this new user shift was no hard enough, it is also compounded by increasing economic pressure on the buyer and IT. These factors are what have shaped our Documentum clients and application strategy. We are doubling down on configuration and composition and taking our customer on a Journey to No Coding.

Why? And what is composition anyway? And how is it different from configuration?

Through composition, our customers can leverage an integrated application building environment that enables them to rapidly deliver a highly tailored business application combining ECM and BPM.   That’s the value offered by EMC Documentum xCP.  xCP applications are easily upgradeable, leverage built-in best practices, and provide significant business value for applications that integrate content, process, people, and systems.

For most ECM requirements, we recommend configuration with EMC Documentum D2.  Unlike an application built with xCP, which is tailored for a particular business process, D2 is a general purpose ECM client designed by EMC IIG.  Where other ECM clients provide an API for customizing the application, D2 can be rapidly configured, with no coding, to satisfy 80%+ of your ECM needs.  The result is superior user experience and consistency with minimal effort to maintain, enabling tremendous time to value.

The Ideal Content Platform

Sounds too good to be true?

Try it for yourself. Both D2 and xCP are available today, and our team is hard at work to take that story to the next level this year.

So, will you take the Journey to No Coding with us?