Saturday, January 13, 2007

What do the "Out There" People in Your Organization Think?

The Attention Company posted an interesting survey on what it calls the "Out There" people. See the "Out There" survey and the "Out There" reactions.

In a nutshell, the survey makes the following points as described below:
  • The "Out There" people are the ones "participating in online communities"
    • 20% of your organization population very active
    • 32% are somehow active
  • They are the winners in your organization
  • Information is everything:
    • Employees at the bottom levels of an organization have most of the knowledge
    • Transparency in decision making increases the likelihood of success
Out There Survey
These points are particularly interesting when put in context with organizations and how better information sharing techniques can help organization perform better. This shows the benefits of having a strategy to best disseminate information and knowledge within a company.

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