Saturday, March 03, 2007

Jetspeed 2.1 Released!

Congratulations to the Jetspeed team who released Jetspeed 2.1 this week-end. Included in this release are a large number of bug fixes and some significant new features including:
  • Jetspeed Desktop: a web 2.0 client-side JSR-168 portlet aggregation
  • Parallel Rendering: multithreaded portlet aggregator with portlet timeout tracking and removal of slow rendering portlets
  • Jetspeed Distributed Cluster: support for distributed deployments of the portal on multiple application server platforms
  • JSR 168 Caching: full caching support of the JSR-168 portlet specification and distributed cache invalidation
  • Improved LDAP support: full security maintenance using LDAP is now supported for many LDAP providers
  • Full fledge AJAX API

All great features that will go a long way to make Jetspeed 2.1 an option for enterprise portal deployments.

The Jetspeed 2.1 release comes with a nice installer and you can try it for yourself in about 5-10 minutes.

Jetspeed 2.1 Installer

The detailed releases notes are available on Jetspeed-2 web site.

Below is a screenshot of the new Jetspeed-2 desktop client side aggregation.
Jestspeed 2.1 Desktop

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