Saturday, May 21, 2011

The New Technology Era of Business Applications

After a long hiatus, I have decided that it was time to start blogging again. Last time I posted a blog post was more than 2 years ago. Time flies...

We live in an exciting technology era. Technology transformation is accelerating and what is unique about this transformation is that all layers of the technology stack are experiencing significant changes at the same time. Jeetu Patel wrote a good blog post introducing the Post PC-era. For business applications this has significant implications.

  1. The new platform: Business applications require a new platform. That new platform must be scalable, elastic, and rapidly respond to the needs of the business. It also needs a rich set of services to enable businesses to rapidly deliver applications that meet their most critical needs. At EMC Information Intelligence Group, we are investing on both those fronts:
    1. At EMC World, we announced EMC OnDemand to take EMC Documentum into the New Platform era.
    2. Documentum xCP was mentioned in every one of our executives keynotes (by Joe Tucci, Pat Gelsinger, Paul Maritz). xCP provides the breadth of services that enables to rapidly deliver business applications that meet the critical needs of the business. At EMC World, I had a presentation on leveraging the 5Cs (correspondence, capture, case, content and compliance). Those are cornerstone services for the new platform.
  2. The new developer: The new developer needs new tools to create applications at a new level of abstraction and to enable her to focus on solving business problems rapidly and not as much on coding or the technology. The new developer needs powerful composition tools. Check out how xCP can empower the new developer to rapidly create sophisticated business applications.
  3. The new user: Choice computing is critical to the new user. Check out Jeetu Patel's Blog post on the new user. The new user wants pervasive access to information, user interfaces that are catered to her needs. She needs to make decisions rapidly and needs the right insight to make the right decision with confidence. To that effect, EMC IIG had some significant partnership announcements at EMC World. But beyond the right user interface, the new user needs instant access to the right data, with the insight that enables her to take the right action. She needs to be able to turn information into business advantage. I presented at EMC World on how xCP can enable the new user to do just that

The New Stack

Those are exciting times at EMC IIG, the innovation machines is humming and we are taking part of the transformation of the business application platform on those 3 fronts. This represents an incredible opportunity for the future. I am exciting to be part of this transformation and to lead the development of next generation technology that will enable it.

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Karin said...

David, I completely agree that it is nice to be part of the huge surge in innovation going on inside of Documentum today. I understand why the company took a year (or two?) to focus on quality and improve our software development processes, but it is nice to have cool technologies like the VCUBE to talk about over dinner with friends.