Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Enterprise 2.0: A State of the Industry Address

Dan Keldsen, director of market intelligence at AIIM and Carl Frappaolo, book author and vice president, market of market intelligence at AIIM are presenting the result of an extensive study they just completed on what's going on with Enterprise 2.0. The survey had 441 respondents and was recently released as a 90 pages report available at

AIIM also assembled a panel to assess the findings of the survey. The panel included Patti Anklam, Stowe Boyd, Andrew McAffee, Eric Tsui and David Weinberger

Among the top findings from the survey:
  • Age does not matter (as much as you think)
  • Culture matters (more than you think). This is the single most important thing to embrace Enterprise 2.0
    • KM inclined organizations are 2X as likely to significantly increase rate of networking and increase formation of communities
    • KM inclined organizations are 31% as likely to pursue Enterprise 2.0 strategically
    • The key drivers for adoption are: Increase collaboration (69%), Awareness of what we know (56%), Increase agility and responsiveness (56%), Faster communication (55%)
    • The biggest obstacles are: Lack of understanding, Lack of best practice
  • It is a slow market which frustrates early adopters - market is not moving as fast as led to believe
  • Strategy (is hard to find) and Enterprise 2.0 is often undertaken in a non-strategic way

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